It’s Coming! Adult Pitch – 5 Feb. 2014 (#AdPit)


That’s right – it’s time for #AdPit! An open Twitter pitch party for writers of adult works. Again like last time only adult complete and polished manuscripts should be pitched.

DATE: 5 Feb. 2014

TIME: 8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. EST (New York Time)

What is Adult Pitch (or#AdPit)?

It is a twitter pitch contest open for all authors of Adult or New Adult fiction and nonfiction. –Sorry but no picture books through young adult will be accepted.

If you’ve ever done #pitmad or #pitchmas and the like, then this is the same thing. In the vein of #pitchsqueak (which is for picture books), #AdPit is for adult works.

New to twitter pitches? Then you are probably asking what the heck is a pitch –
A twitter pitch constitutes one (1) 140 character tweet on twitter, plus the hashtag #AdPit. If possible and it isn’t clear from the pitch, then add the genre.

An Example – Under the explosive Vesuvius, convicted murderess Tamar must decide who to trust before the Roman Army catches up to her. #AdPit HistFic


~    Only pitch completed and edited manuscripts. If you aren’t ready to send out the whole manuscript right now, then you aren’t ready to pitch it.

~    Only pitch once an hour. This helps ease the congestion on the #hashtag the day of #AdPit.

~    If you are pitching more than one manuscript, stagger it out over the hour. Please don’t dump six different pitches at the top of every hour.

~    Remember to leave the favoriting to the participating agents and editors. If you like someone else’s pitch please either retweet it or @ the author directly.

~    If you receive a favorite from an agent or editor, scroll back through the feed and see what they want to have submitted, or simply follow the submission guidelines on their websites.

There will not be a list of participating agents and editors as it is an open party, which means all are invited. Rest assured there will be several lurking and they’ll be perusing the hashtag throughout the day. I’ll try to announce them as they show up on the feed.

If you have questions, I’ll be checking comments.


17 thoughts on “It’s Coming! Adult Pitch – 5 Feb. 2014 (#AdPit)

    1. It’s an open invite party, so I can’t be certain. I have sent notifications to a some from the UK way. Also, several participating American/Canadian agents also rep writers in the UK. I hope that helps.

    1. I’m not, but Brenda Drake (@brendadrake) hosts #pitmad several times a year. Her next one is in March, I believe. Also there will be #NestPitch around Easter. There’s another called #PitchMAS in July and Decemeber (@pitchMAS). They all do PB thru adult and that of course includes YA.

  1. Thank you!!!!!! My first ever and it was fun!!!!

    Couple questions – can I do the submission on Friday or should I try to do it yet today? And, when I was looking last night for past #adpit – to get ideas – I couldn’t find many. Do people delete their tweets after?

    1. I’d message your requestors and let them know you’ll get it to them Friday. Also, this was only the second #AdPit. Most of the writers that participate will always support their fellow writers, that’s why they (we) are so awesome. Feel free to tweet one or more and ask them to swap pitches. You can also do it with your critique partner. And you can always @ me and I’ll help.

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