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OH BOY!!! I’m IT! I mean really – I’m IT! *hops around like a lunatic*

Wait a minute – Blog Hop doesn’t really mean I have to hop while I’m typing, you say? *Sad Panda Eyes* Oh well, I guess I really can’t have everything my way, that would just spoil me and the world really does not need a spoiled me. I’m bad enough not being spoiled. 😉

Anyway on with the hopping (which is apparently just virtual hopping, you don’t have to hop in place while you read, just to be clear.) But, I’m not a gate crasher, so if you want to hop while reading go right on ahead – I’ll keep your secret.

You were probably sent her by Rena Olsen and her entertaining blog (she called me one of her favorite twits, not to brag or anything – *fluffs feathers*). Though really, you should check her out on Twitter too if you aren’t (@originallyrena). She’s pretty much all kinds of awesome, but don’t tell her I said that or her head will get so big it may pop.

And on to the real meat of this post –

Here are the rules: Answer the following four questions regarding your writing process and WIP, and then tag some more writers to carry it on after you.


1) What are you working on?

Okay, I’ll start out getting weird on you right out of the gate. I never write or work on one thing. Like right now, I’m working on three different things and everyone of them is at a different stage. For instance, I am currently working on line edits for a historical fiction set in Ancient Rome. I am also working on a screenplay (which is the first step for me for any novel – more later like #4) historical fiction set in 15th Century Wallachia (Present day Transylvania, Romania). And, I am doing research on a third project but I’m going to keep the details of it a bit more hush hush. It is also historical fiction though.

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

My work differs because I write it, naturally. 😉 I’m not trying to be smug, I’m not. I just have a way to twisting things around and it isn’t so easy to explain. I’ll try though, because all of you are twisting my arms out there.

My current line edits piece is different, because – though it is set in Ancient Rome my main character is an average, everyday citizen of the Empire. My MC is not a gladiator (that’s been done like a super lot). My MC is not a Roman soldier (Again done and done nearly to death). My character does encounter both gladiators and soldiers it’d be impossible for that not to happen because of the era and the place, but the real story is underneath that – the bones of society. There was so much more to Ancient Rome than the gladiators and soldiers. Heck for that matter – my MC is a girl. And she isn’t a slave. Mind-boggling I know.

3) Why do you write what you write?

I write what I write because I have to. I love reading and I read tons, but I was tired of reading historical fiction that just bends and twists the same old thing over and over. How many novels are there that is truly unique? It’s hard. Every writer has their methods. Every writer has their stories. But how many truly dive off the cliff to find new currents in the ocean, instead of traveling in the pack? Sadly not many. But me – I’d rather be alone than on a bandwagon. So, I write the stories that I find on my adventures through my mind. I do this because I do NOT think that bandwagon writing will nail me an agent. If it’s been done before – find something new to tell. Think I’m blowing it out of proportion? Watch the feed on Twitter sometime of any number of the pitch contests (#pitmad, #pitchMAS, even my own pitch contest #AdPit) so many pitches are the SAME genre. The SAME target audience. The SAME (though molded a bit differently) idea. Dare to be original – and you will never regret it.

4) How does your writing process work?

My writing process –

~ get idea
~decide it’s stupid and shove it in a random folder to hide it
~have some weird coincidence where the idea comes back in your head
~pull out the paper with the idea on it
~glare at it for days
~decide maybe it isn’t TOO terrible
~cave in and write a treatment
~decide the treatment isn’t so bad
~start research and jotting down ideas
~finish research and start writing the first draft on Celtx or Final Draft software
~glare at finished, ugly first draft and stick it in a folder again ashamed that it came out of your head.
~work on something else and get mad at it – so you go back to the infamous first draft
~transfer it into novel form and miraculously the pieces fall together and you get a first draft novel
~put it away for a week and work on something else
~get it back out and lecture yourself
~then you write a damn good novel with countless revisions and edits (Here I should add that between every draft, you decide the piece is dumb and you put it away for a few days before going back to it.)
~rewrite the treatment, condensing it down to synopsis size – edit it like a mad person
~write a query – edit it like the nuttiest fruitcake at the asylum
~re-read the final draft and make any last changes
~start querying
(~for me, I also rewrite the script on Celtx or Final Draft to match the new novel, because the original one will not be the same as the final novel version)
~send out queries – battle self-doubt – decide you’re going to quit writing forever because your story is dumb – receive rejections – receive partial requests – receive full requests – receive rewrite and resubmits – Declare yourself a martyr for patience – then sign the deal with your dream agent.

Not TOO bad – now is it?

And now, sadly I must pass off the torch to a few of my fellow writers that are awesome. I can’t be IT anymore, but I can still poke you along. So, I chose to make this whole thing a bit more worldly. I hope you have your virtual passport – because you’re about to go visit writers in Australia, Switzerland and Italy.

Have a wonderful trip!

Nikola Vukoja (@nik_vukoja) – Awesome Aussie with a Croatian background. Fearless ringmaster of #NestPitch which is happening now and fellow history freak. She’s a terrific friend, critique buddy, and an all around rocking person – so go visit her in Australia.

Lily Mars (@LilyMarsWrites) – Swinging Swiss with a heart of gold. She plays the ukulele, what’s not to love about that? She’s a mystery writer and another all around great gal. Pack your bags – you’re off to Switzerland now, and may I suggest that you try the chocolate while you’re there. It’s scrumptious!

Eva Ulian (@EvaUlian) – Intelligent Italian, who’s lived in the UK too, so you’re really getting two trips in one with her. She writes to tell her story and she’s a regular on Twitter’s #BePositiveHour. If you feel pooey – Eva will make you feel better, also she sometimes teaches me Italian on Twitter. Imagine her patience with trying to teach Italian in 140 characters! So, don’t drop your bags yet and I hope you like boats, because you’re off for Venice, Italy! Enjoy your stay!

Well, you’re off! I just realized that the tagging portion of this post reads like the old Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego game, but still – ooohhh or maybe it sounds like Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune. I may be after his job – I’ll never tell! *cue maniacal laughter*

Thanks for reading!


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