Self-Writing Challenge


Self-Writing Challenge

Starting in June, I am challenging myself to write ten short stories in thirty days. Any writers are free to join me. And it may be a wonderfully fun thing to do.

Here’s why –

1. You can jump start your writing.
2. You can try your hand in different genres (get out of your comfort zone).
3. You can try your creativity by coming up with ten new ideas in a month.
4. You can try your hand at short stories.
5. You may be able to open some freelance writing doors with your new pieces. Writing for magazines is a great way to break into the writing world, get your name out there, and maybe even make a few bucks. I obviously cannot make any promises about you being published or making money, but it’s worth the try.

Why am I doing this?

The first reason is because I have so many ideas swarming through my head it’s driving me crazy. I’m stuck because I want to write ALL the ideas, and I can’t. But maybe through this I can. Will they stay short stories? I can’t say. I imagine some will – they all could, but when I go back and edit them in coming months I may decide to novelize them. If I do decide to novelize them then since I’ll already have the short story; I will essentially have a ready treatment of the novel and it’ll be very easy to lengthen them. Besides, I have ideas that are out of my comfort box of historicals and I’d really like to try my hand at them. Some are horror, some are contemporary romance, some suspense, some mystery and even some are fantasy, so this way I can experience the broad spectrum of my writing capabilities. And, I’ll have fun doing it. 🙂

More notes of my ten stories in thirty days challenge, please. I know you’re asking this, so here ya go –

The goal is to write ten short stories (any genre, any length, any age – anything you like), but the key is you can’t start writing until June 1st at midnight and you’ll have until June 30th at 11:59 p.m.

Think National Novel Writing Month, but with short stories. (

Now, I don’t have a cool website or awesome t-shirts, mugs and things, but I am claiming the right to the twitter hashtag #10Stories30. On the hashtag, we can post our progress, we can chat with fellow writers, even ask around or find critique partners for our work at the end of June. We can make #10Stories30 our community.

One thing I will do here on this blog is post weekly blogs about tricks of the trade, hints about writing, and sometimes just encouragement for my friends taking up this challenge with me. (Also, if anyone is interested in doing guest blogs along these lines let me know.)

So, if this sounds interesting to any of you, please consider joining me starting on June 1st. You have a week to play with ideas, but no writing until midnight on June 1st.

If you have any questions or suggestions please use the comments below or look me up on twitter (@hrnorrod), and I’ll also being loafing around on #10Stories30. I’d like for folks to join me, as writing is always more fun if you have a support group.

Hopefully, I’ll ‘see’ some of you on June 1st.


3 thoughts on “Self-Writing Challenge

  1. Love this idea! What I most like about it is, rather than setting a word-count which I find hard to do, you’re setting a result challenge. A short story can be anything from a few hundred words to several thousand… and often lead to a bigger-picture-idea!
    And as you know, I’m very fond of short stories 🙂

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