What Good Is A Short Story?



What good is a short story anyway?

I know you are wondering this. You’re probably also wondering what kind of idjit (Sorry, my southern is showing – normal English translation: idiot, but it sounds much nicer in my southern drawl.) Sets up a challenge to write them.

The answers parallel themselves. (Except the one about what kind of idjit sets up this sort of challenge – but I imagine if you’ve been following me on twitter or on the blog, you can probably come to your very own conclusions about that one.) Now, back to the answers that coolly parallel themselves.

If you are just starting out trying to get serious with your writing – and folks, I mean you treat it as a JOB, not just a hobby for yourself —

                   Then, the possibilities of short stories are endless.

– help teach you proper writing format
– hone your craft and voice
– explore various options that are available
– probably most importantly, it (they) get you started.
If you have been writing for awhile now –

The possibilities are still pretty darn awesome.

– allow you to try different (or multiple) genres
– if you’re stuck – writer’s block or otherwise – they can poke you out of your rut
– hone your skills at being concise
– let you experiment with new ways to write, i.e. break the rules
– if you are like me and have a gigantic three-ring binder full of ideas and want to write ALL the words right now, but you can’t and feel like your head’s about to pop – use them to get in a working order again.

So you see, there are many, many terrific reasons to write short stories. There are! Also, I realize this post is kinda short, and I apologize. But like you I’m trying to get my ten short stories written in the thirty days of June too, and I’m doing fairly well – I’ve got four done. I’m also in revision mode with my southern suspense young adult and an adult creepy. Not to mention, that my printer has decided to make some sort of weird popping sound while it’s printing. It’s a new sound for it and I’m slightly worried for its health. I probably should call the printer doctor – but that’s me and I’m not exactly printer fixing savvy.

Hey, I’m a busy writer! But then again we all are. So, get back to writing – WRITERS! We WILL conquer this challenge!


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