Blog #3 for the #10Stories30 writing challenge.





*Shakes pom poms*

Yay PEOPLE! We’re reaching the halfway mark! Feeling great about yourself right about now?

YES! Some of you scream – AWESOME double dipped in AWESOME SAUCE, I say.

NO! Some of you mumble (And I should say your pouty voice isn’t very becoming of you.) – Well, you should be, I counter.

— And here’s why —

Firstly, remember – we all get down. It’s completely inevitable. So, never ever beat yourself up over it. It’s pointless. You’re gonna be fine, even if you can’t really see how right now. I promise, and have I ever steered you completely and utterly wrong before? Of course not.

Secondly, when you’re feeling down look at all you have already accomplished. You’ll probably be surprised by what you see. But I’ll point out a few things for you.

~ You stepped up to the plate of a challenge that a lot of people didn’t have the guts to do.

~ You’re trying something new. Something outside of your comfort box.

~ You’re making progress, no matter how small it may appear. You’re ahead of someone. And those that didn’t have the guts to try this challenge – you are way, way, way ahead of them.

Those things alone make you one kick-ass winner in my book.

But, it’s half-time and I’m so far behind. I’ll never get to ten stories because I’m not even at five yet. – you say.

Me – Don’t worry so much. Let the words flow freely. Allow yourself to write badly, because there’s still plenty of time to edit after June 30th at 11:59 p.m. Worry leads to stress and undue stress leads to a block of your creativity. So, STOP WORRYING!! That’s an order Private! Now, sit and give me fifty words at least. *glowers*

And remember, there is NO length limit on your stories. None. Maybe your story is 500 words. Maybe 2500. Heck, maybe they’re just 50. It’s yours. They are all YOURS. Write them how YOU want to write them. Maybe they’re skeletal drafts. Maybe they’re full to bursting with description and characterization. Again, it doesn’t matter. They are yours and yours alone. You can always edit later.

Now that being said, you are partly right. Ideally, you should be putting the flourish on the last bit of short story #5. Note the key words here is – IDEALLY.

It’s more than fine if you’re still on #4 or before. This is your challenge too. Even if you only manage to get three or less stories done this month, that’s more than you had right? So, you still win! Did you hear me? I said WIN!!!
Feel better? Good. I’ve kept you long enough. You have writing to do. Get back to writing. I’ll see you all on the backside of June with shiny-new creative pieces. (Shh, but there’ll still be two other blog entries before I close this challenge) 😉



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