#AdPit is Moving!! Next #AdPit will begin SOON!

Information regarding #AdPit or Adult Pitch is moving. Don’t be sad – it has it’s very own home now at http://www.heidinorrod.webs.com.

The next #AdPit adventure begins on August 1st, 2015. Here are the rules, but you’d be better served to visit #AdPit’s new home, because from here on out that’s where all the information will be shared. I will still answer comments and questions here, at least for this round of #AdPit.

I hope to see all of you there!

Welcome to the Adult Pitch Online Conference! (Also known as #AdPit on Twitter)

Here are the board rules for participating writers.

The genre specific peer critique boards at the top are for critiquing each other’s work prior to the industry professionals dates.

  • Only post chapters from your finished and polished manuscripts.
  • Only ADULT and NEW ADULT manuscripts are permitted.
  • No self-published works. Only never before published manuscripts are allowed.
  • Any GENRE, including NON-FICTION is allowed.

Submission Dates for the critique conference begins August 1st, 2015. Submissions will remain open throughout the span of the conference. You may post your work at any time between August 1 – August 10th. However, the agents and editors will be arriving on the boards on August 6th. It is in your best interest to have your work posted before this date.

On August 5th, it is YOUR responsibility to have your work posted in the ‘Final Submissions’ boards titled; Query, Synopsis, First Page and First Chapter. Here are the rules about posting in the review section for the industry professionals.

  • You MUST start a new thread for your manuscript.
  • Use the title line:  TITLE: Author (or Pen Name): Genre: And NA or A for age category. Such as; SHE, GLADIATOR: Heidi Norrod: Historical Fiction: A
  • Post your manuscript under EACH heading, using the SAME title line. (You can post only what you want, but I advise you to post under all of them, Query, Synopsis, First Page & First Chapter – it gives you more of chance to get seen by the industry professionals.)

On August 6th – 8th, the industry professionals will begin reading through the submissions and making requests. They are allowed in the boards through the end of the conference on August 10th. You are welcome to continue critiquing each others work in the GENRE – PEER CRITIQUE section of the boards throughout the entirety of the conference.

This shouldn’t have to be said, but please remain professional and respectful through the conference. If the need arises and anyone has any problems, please let me or one of my associates know and we will take the necessary actions to see that it stops.

I will be posting a series of writing-how-to posts on the website’s blog during the course of the contest. My cohorts @MTelschWilliams, @NCTFowler, @SidneyTBlake and I (@hrnorrod) will also be keeping a watch on #AdPit throughout the conference if you have any questions, just post on Twitter using #adpit or @ us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact @AdultPitch.

Enjoy this free online conference!

Thanks for joining us,

The Adult Pitch Crew


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