Just a super fast…

… update –

There is a new writing contest coming up for writers of all age groups – it isn’t mine. A couple of friends of mine get the credit for it’s founding and creation, however, I have agreed to be a team leader for one of the picture book and chapter book teams. Contest begins in March (70 days from today as a matter of fact) and I will be posting information about #FicFest (that’s its name) here on this blog as well.

But stress not! This blog will still be the home of #AdPit and #KidPit information as well. Conversationally, both #AdPit and #KidPit will come strolling around on April Fool’s Day – no JOKE! I’m serious. Both will have their twitter pitch parties on April 1, 2016, simultaneously.

While it isn’t exactly my preference to host them at the same time, because of the sheer number of twitter pitch events anymore – it has become necessary, as I do not want to cut either of them out. I enjoy hosting these two parties and watching connections between great writers and books to awesome agents and editors as they put remarkable books in the hands of anxious and excited readers.

However, as more details are made final; I will post more information. For now, get to finishing those gems of books in your brains. We want to see you pitch on April Fool’s Day!


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