YAY! I’m a team leader for #FicFest


Hi everyone!

I hope the new year is going swimmingly for everyone, I’d shoot off a confetti cannon but I’m slightly afraid that WordPress may not be too happy with all the mess. \*o*/

I mentioned #FicFest in passing the other day, and I wanted to update everyone with what I can – I’m still under a gag order for some of it. (Not really, but I’m impatiently waiting for my chance to TELL YOU ALL THE THINGS, and the bosses are scheduling posts for that purpose.)

I will tell you this much:

~ #FicFest starts in March, so polish those dusty manuscripts.

~ I am one of the picture book and chapter book team leaders.

~ We are accepting manuscripts from all target audiences; Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, (and age groups that don’t have the word Adult in them like…) Middle Grade and my own Picture Books and Chapter Books section.

~ The juiciest post on #FicFest is found on Tiffany’s blog; just click HERE!

Now, what am I going to do for my lovelies before hand? *rubs hands together*

I am starting a Wednesday Writing blog series, 20 January 2016 (I did put the right year, yes? O.0) where I will post a load of posts centering on picture book and chapter book writing. I’m going to include early readers too, since they are nestled right in the middle of the other too. — Also, I suppose ‘technically’ today starts the Wednesday Writing series, since it is Wednesday and I am posting today. Minor detail though – onward to the more exciting stuff.

With this series I hope to cover such topics as appropriate word counts, agents’ biggest issues with submissions of this type (I’ve got a list from agent friends-and maybe I can convince one or two to guest post) to proper pacing and balance of content.

Until then, stay close! I’ll update with all the information I can regarding #FicFest as soon as I can!


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