My Other Me…

Most of you are aware that I am a writer. What you may not know about me is that I write under a pseudonym also. Under my real name Heidi Norrod, or H.R. Norrod, I write for children. I write manuscripts from young adult down to picture books (my magazine publications for kids are under my real name too). Now, I also have a darker, more sensuous side that writes adult and new adult romance. Now, that romance ranges from sweet to spicy and sometimes even ventures into erotica. To be honest, when I first realized that I had this ‘sexy’ side to me – I was terrified. I mean I’m a single mom for goodness sakes. Not to mention, kids READ MY STUFF!! I CAN’T write this, this sort of stuff! It’s scary. But then, I realized – I can. I can write it. I just can’t use the same name. So, Leilana Norrod was born. Not that she’s a ‘real’ person per say, but she sort of is; she’s the sexy writer part of me.

Writing under two names, writing two vastly different things… (Heidi is currently querying a middle grade time travel adventure, and shopping a few short stories to kids magazines-wish me luck. While Leilana is polishing up a classy erotica novella about frisky cattle rustlers and writing an erotic political thriller (no details on this one are to be announced yet;-).)… doesn’t make me weird. It just makes me a multifaceted writer.

I guess I’m writing this all down for all of you writers out there – all of you that work your butts off and bleed on a keyboard on a daily basis. I’m writing it to tell you that if you are one of those people that want to write ‘something different’, something out of your comfort box, then let your muse free. Let it go. Let your muse lead you on a new writing adventure. If you’re scared about it like me, just know that you are not alone. It’s too hard to try to keep a stopper on your muse. I tried. I tried to stick with just kids stuff, but I wrote terribly – I didn’t write any new material in months while I tried to suffocate my Leilana side. Lift your self-imposed gag order and WRITE. WRITE ALL THE WORDS!

Will the fear go away? I don’t know. My self-doubt rat still nibbles hard. But, I’m unleashing areas of my creativity that I didn’t have before; before Leilana started writing too, and to be honest, Heidi’s children’s writings have improved too. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to escape my comfort box, because you never know what’s hiding out there for you to discover. Those new and exciting things; yeah, you won’t find them unless you allow yourself a little ‘yard time’ from your comfort box prison.

So, I challenge you – all of you – write something outside of your comfort box this week. No one ever has to see it, it’s just for you. But, you may find out it’s good, exceptional even, and if you do; run with it. See where it takes you. You may fall in love with the craft of writing again. You may discover hidden talents of yours. Perhaps you’ll even like this new found freedom, and start chipping away at the walls of your comfort box prison. But no matter what you find – it won’t hurt you to try something new and different – except turnip greens, those things will kill you. 😉

In closing, Leilana has her own twitter account at @LeilanaWrites. If you want to meet my imagination’s darker and more sensuous side, give her a follow.



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