When Chaos Strikes…


If you run a business or work from home, you probably have had to deal with chaos. No, I’m not talking about back orders, panicked customers and things such as that. I’m talking about emergencies that pull you away from your work. Whether that work is running an Etsy business from your dining room, writing a novel, or working on the next great tech security company from your garage.

You know exactly what I mean, or you think you have an idea where I’m going with this, but how do you deal with chaos?

Allow me to begin with an explanation of what I mean by the word ‘chaos.’

I run a freelance editing and translation agency from my home. This past week my seventeen-year-old son had to be taken to the emergency room for a severe asthma attack. (Thank you! He’s doing much better now. It’s just spring allergies dealt him a wallop this year.) For me, I knew he needed help (I’ve dealt with these things since he was a toddler), so I didn’t hesitate to take him to the emergency room, but still I had deadlines for Word Wizard Linguistic Agency. Deadlines, I couldn’t extend. So, what now? ….

FULL POST CAN BE VIEWED AT:  Word Wizard Linguistic’s Blog

Roses bloom just shy of perfectionYet the same cannot be said about you.You my love, are my perfectly blooming rose.


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