Scams and a Review of

The following is an excerpt from the full post on my business blog, but one I think my followers here can appreciate and hopefully find useful. 

There is no doubt that you have dreams. And, most likely you have goals to get you there. We all do. You can bet on it. But, you can also bank on the fact that somewhere out there is someone trying to steal it/them away from you.

Scam artists are not a new idea by any means. They’ve been around for eons and as times change – they will still be there. If you wanted me to say they’d go away – I’m sorry. I wish I could.

What’s really sad is that there are entire discussions on the web focused on scams. Seriously. Here’s a story…

(Also, this story is also a review of the website

Most of you know that I am a freelance translator and editor among a few other services, and one day I discovered a website called I was over the moon! A whole new website where I could market and expand my services. I wanted to learn all I could, so I did a couple of things:

1.) I went on Kindle and searched.

2.) I searched online with Google, Bing and a couple of other search engines.

– And that’s when the trouble started.



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