Announcement TIME!

I just thought I’d write a short post here to showcase my feathers, sort of like a tom turkey does when he’s trying to catch a female’s attention – except I’m NOT a turkey, I promise. And, honestly – I’m not a Tom either, or a boy. I guess that means that none of this is much at ALL like the turkey – but I like turkeys so, I’m using the metaphor anyway.



So, LIKE Tom Turkey above I want to showcase some of my stuff –

  1. Back in March 2016 I opened my virtual doors as a freelance editor. I do translation, writing coaching and language tutoring too, but this post is about the freelance editing.
  2. I write A LOT of short stories, screenplays and poetry. In fact, the majority of my writing (and ALL of my publishing credits) is one of these things. Obviously I write novels too – finishing a YA Contemporary as I type this – but, my writing roots lie in scripts, short stories and poems. So those reasons are why I did number 3 below;
  3. I recently specialized my editorial services to short stories, scripts, poems and academic papers. By request, I will continue to edit picture books and chapter books. Why did I specialize? There are SO VERY MANY freelance editors, but from what I can tell the majority handle mostly full-length novels. That being said, in number 4 I’m posting my new fees since they have changed.
    QUERY LETTER – $10.00
    SYNOPSIS (1-2 pages) or TREATMENT – $15.00
    FIRST 10 PAGES of a manuscript – $25.00
    SUBMISSION PACKAGE: Query, Synopsis/Treatment, & First 10 pages – $40.00 
    Short Stories – $2.50 per page
    Screenplays – $2.50 per page
    Poems – $1.00 per page
    Picture Books – $2.50 per page
    Chapter Books – $2.50 per page

  5. For the academic types, I still charge either $0.25/per word or $5.00/per page on a per project basis. I should add that MFA papers/stories fall into this category, but I am willing to negotiate on the pricing. Why? Because, though they are academic papers they are more creative than technical.

Now, you should also know that I offer FREEBIES too. If you are curious as to whether we will be a good match send me an email and ask about my freebie. A creative freebie is a one-page free edit. 

Also, NO. My website does not yet show these changes, but I’m working hard to update my site in a timely manner. Web design and I have fist fights sometimes …


I usually win, but it takes time. 😉

I know I’m slinging information at you now, and I’m sorry – but just a couple more things.

Full Editorial services from me is equaled to two full-length passes on the manuscript.

Pass one: fills in gaps, checks tone, checks flow, and in general checks the syntax and content of the manuscript.

Pass two: a proofreading pass. I sharpen my red pencil in full Grammar Nazi mode.

When you purchase editorial services from me it also means that I’m around to answer questions for you via email up to and through the querying stage. It also means that should reason come up (say you are given a chance to revise and resubmit (R&R) via an agent or a magazine editor) you get a discount from me for that R&R.

What do I send to you upon completion of my edit:

  • A PDF document of notes and clarifications of your manuscript including; comments on flow, content, voice, and anything else I find either very pleasant or things I note such as; overused words, use of filler words, and issues that recur throughout. Oftentimes I also include words of inspiration and motivation.
  • All proofreading will be marked in the document itself. Any notes I have on proofreading will be added to the editorial PDF I send back in addition to your manuscript.

I still have May and summer openings available! So, if you’re looking for an editor keep me in mind. 

If you have questions feel free to ask in the comments or shoot me an email I don’t bite.

Also, just a bit of a heads up;

I’m bringing #10Stories30 back this year starting June 1st! Participants in #10Stories30 will get a coupon code for my services on July 1st. If you aren’t familiar with #10Stories30, check out last year’s blog here. I’ll post more details on June 2016’s version in the next couple of weeks. 

As always – thank you for reading! I look forward to chatting with you again.


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