Twist – An Original Poem

Yesterday I shared one of my original short stories, and today I thought I would share one of my original poems. You see, poetry got me through some really, really hard times, like when my father suddenly died when I was 15. I’ve actually had a couple of poems published before, but I’ve ceased submitting them since. This particular poem that I’m sharing below; has never been seen by anyone except me.

TWIST is a poem that means a great deal to me, but like most poetry – I’m sure you’ll read a different (more personal) meaning into these words.

So without further ado…


By: H.R. Norrod

Written: 24.March.2016

Tattered clouds drift over the virgin sun,

Pinning a stain on my soul like a rose on a gentleman’s lapel.

Though our love never fades,

Our bodies begin to wither away.


Memories twist and disappear.

You, I still know,

But you have forgotten me

As your sanity flees.


Now, I sit holding your hand,

Quivering and shaking in mine.

And I read,

Your letters to me from before.


When you remembered

And our love was new.

I dab away your tears,

Only to have you catch mine.


For a moment, it’s as if you remember too.


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