A new thing! #SceneIt!

*Waves frantically* Hi everyone!!

I’m happy to announce a new writing challenge for August! Yep!

Starting August 5th…I challenge my fellow writers to join me in writing scenes.

Every week between August 5th and September 5th, I’m going to post a new writing prompt. Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to write a scene (just a scene) following the prompt. I don’t care if it’s a novel scene, a screenplay scene, a short story scene or what.

The prompts will be from a variety of genres, and age groups. What I want writers to do is broaden their range. I cannot tell people enough how much writing outside of your norms helps you.

I’ll be posting each week’s prompt here: Heidi’s #SceneIt, and I’ll put up a post with each one too. If you’re brave enough, once you get your scenes written post them below the matching prompt’s entry and let the rest of us read them. I’ll post mine too. Hopefully we can get to know each other and refresh our writing together.

Nitty-gritty in a nutshell…

From August 5th, 2016 through September 9th, 2016, I will post a new writing prompt (various genres and various audience ages). Each week you will write a brand new scene that follows the writing prompt. If you’d like you can post your scene or snippets from it in the comments section of the corresponding blog post.

Each prompt will have a subject line of: #SceneIt -the date –

Each prompt will be written within the post itself AND on the page #SceneIt on my WordPress.

The prompts will read something like: Two yelling teenagers try to rob a train in 1869 Colorado. (target audience young adult)

New prompts will go up on Fridays.

Also hopefully you’ll join me on twitter on the hashtag #SceneIt to chat about the challenge before, during, after… the goal is to have fun, maybe try something new, and get to know fellow writers.

*I’ll also add that as I moderate each comment – if anyone creeps up to troll, I WILL NOT approve their comment. This challenge is a hate-free zone. So, remember that.

If you have questions feel free to comment here, shoot me a message on Twitter, Facebook or use the #SceneIt.

I hope people will join me. We’ll have fun, I promise.


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