A Good News post

In a world where there is so much bad thrown in our face everyday, it’s hard to stay motivated to follow our dreams whatever they are.

I’m just as bad as the next person – and so, I’m preaching to myself with this blog post too.

I’ve been writing professionally for neigh-on to a-huntin’ forty-five years (no, not really – it’s only been 10), or so it feels. Rejection after rejection, coupled with utter rudeness and horrid actions of some people in the publishing industry (yeah, it’s true – not everyone in the world of publishing has your best interests in mind. There are loads of good people though out there, and thankfully they outnumber the bad.), and then multiplied by life hurling curve ball after curve ball at me – beats down one’s motivation, badly. In fact, I’d almost given up.

I mean dudes, I’ve shelved nearly a dozen books (picture books through adult) over the course of my ten year career as a professional writer.

Then Friday happened. Yep, Friday, August 5th, 2016.


I have written a Russian/English bilingual picture book (well really, it’s meant to be a series – I’ve got three books done already sans illustrations), and on Friday I learned that it had been accepted for publication by a Russian book publisher. The Moscow-based publisher has put my beautiful (yeah, I’m biased) picture book in the hands of an illustrator. I don’t have definitive information to share yet, since the illustrator just has got hands on it, but things are happening. My book will be published! It will! It will be a physical book that people can touch and buy!

Some people may say but it’s Russia, not America or the UK or Canada… so to those people I say this –

Every writer travels a different path. No one will get to be a famous, published author overnight. It just flat doesn’t happen. You can dream big and you should, but don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – because your basket may have a hole in it.

Interestingly enough last week was full of goodness for me, because I’ve also managed to connect with two other fellow writers and we have super, sneaky, peaky plans up our sleeves for our fellow writers. But, I’ll say no more – *tapes mouth shut*.

Also, I learned that thing I’d been dreading (I’ve not told anyone anything about it before) is nothing to dread.

Perseverance is a beautiful thing. There really is some truth in the old adage, ‘keep shoving until it falls over’. So here’s a note to all of you struggling to keep the faith with your writing right now…

Every writer travels a different path, and of those writers on a certain path they still have many obstacles to get around, over, or through. Even those whose books are already on the shelves – they didn’t get to be on the shelves overnight. Most likely, they’ve been plowing through their own obstacles for years before they finally reached their destination.


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