My TNT Horror Contest Entry

Not many of you may realize that this, but I write stories. (HAHAHAHA!!!!) Yeah right! Every single one of you knew it.

I recently entered a short story into a contest being hosted by TNT Network. Yes, that TNT Network, the one that has wonderful TV shows like …

Animal Kingdom, The Last Ship, The Librarians, and Major Crimes

Their contest asked for an original short horror story, but I had to keep it under 10,000 words. They asked that I make them too scared to turn their lights off at night. And, apparently I did, because I recently found out that my story, LISA CANNON, was named one of the Top 100! When I first found out I was too shocked to breathe. It’s true!

The catch is that I need votes to continue on into the Top 35. Hopefully I can then progress into the Top 10, where I will receive $2,000 and TNT Network will option my story for a Network TV show. Then, from the Top 10, the Network will choose one lucky grand prize winner that wins $20,000 and their story will be made into a show. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I am so happy that I made the Top 100.

Now, the part I hate doing, but that I need to do.

I’m writing to ask you for your vote. It’s easy to do. All you have to do is follow this link:


Then click to open the story. Read it if you like, and click the star icon in the top right corner.

And, that’s it! You’re done! I appreciate each and every vote, as it only takes one to push me from 36 to 35.

You can stick around and read all 100 entries, and vote on as many as you like. I’d like to thank you in advance for your vote. And remember, the voting ends December 6th at 11:59 GMT, so you need to vote before the cut off date and time.

I hope you enjoy LISA CANNON!


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