THE CHEMIST – Stephenie Meyer

I just finished reading THE CHEMIST by Stephenie Meyer, and I wanted to share my thoughts…

No worries, if you haven’t read it – there will be no spoilers from me!

Do I recommend this title: YES!!

Is it worth the read: YES!!

Now, my thoughts:

I wasn’t a fan of TWILIGHT (I’m not much of a vampire person), but I did love THE HOST. So when I stumbled over THE CHEMIST, I didn’t hesitate to buy. It didn’t disappoint.

The flow was excellent with nearly constant and exciting plot twists. The book starts out with a thrilling bang and the bangs keep coming. Alex, the main character, goes through a full positive character arc, and she is a joy to read and experience her trials and tribulations with her.

I loved THE CHEMIST, and the screenwriter in me would love to get my hands on this to turn it into a screenplay.  I could actually see this novel coming to life into a film from the pages of the book.



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