Obligatory New Year’s Post…

So, we’ve put 2016 behind us, and are now looking forward into 2017. For me, this has been a trying and absolutely horrifying transition. I’m normally fairly optimistic with the new year that’s coming in, so I’ll try to get back on that horse for this post.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen where 2017 is going to bring about an overhaul of this blog. If you don’t follow me, I won’t hold that against you. But also now you know.

Here’s what I’m going to do…

I’ve been going utterly loco trying to keep several blogs up and going for a while now. I write the Critic Croc Review Blog. I write The Polyglot’s Guide to the Universe Blog. I write the Madam Money Blog. I also write the Wizard Russian Blog. That’s a LOT of blogs. When you include this one, that’s five. As a ‘side effect’ there are times when each and every one of these blogs have been neglected. I’ve been a terrible Blog Mama. And, I aim to clear that up. After all, no one wants to be a bad mother.


Starting this month – Every Monday there will be a new post on this blog. Those posts will vary between the five that I have, so in an essence, I am funneling all of these blogs through this one. I hope to eventually be able to separate them again, but unless the FDA allows human cloning soon that may take a while. It’s hard work being an entrepreneur and trying to balance all the other things too. I already work like a fiend. That being said, here’s the breakdown of each of the blogs listed above…

1.) Critic Croc Reviews

– Be wary because here, I’ve been labeled a scathing critic. I give HONEST, no frills, sometimes acid-tipped tongued reviews of products, apps, books, films, and everything in between. I do NOT sugar coat things. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you I don’t like it and why. If I do like it, I’ll tell you that and why. There is a reason I named this CROC. Sometimes, I bite.

– If you have something you’d like me to review (your book, your app, your software, your product or anything in between) feel free to contact me via TWITTER or EMAIL. Click the links…

2.)  Madam Money

– This blog is devoted to personal finance and shopping savvy. I help you understand your money better, and try to help you live a happier financial life.

– I’ve been a single mom for the entire length of my kids’ lives. (One’s 18 now and the other’s 16.) I’ve spent copious amounts of time working in retail, saving money, and trying to make ends meet – I know a bit about personal money management. I’ve raised my kids on less than a $1000/month or less for a big part of that time.

3.)  Wizard Russian

– This blog was intended to teach others the Russian language, the culture, and even the food. As so many of the Russian learning texts and apps on the market today teach archaic Russian from the distant past years of the Soviet Union. Hate to tell you this, but the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 90’s and the language and culture of the Russian Federation has evolved with it. More should be done to update all the Russian language learning ‘help’ that’s out there. But it’s not. Sure, you’ll find books, ‘new’ books even, that boast updated information, but take a look at the copyright dates – and you’ll find a huge percentage of them hail originally from the 1950’s. Dudes, even America has changed since the 50’s. I am happy to note though, it seems like a few learning paths are starting to recognize this. ( A tad bit of my Critic Croc is showing here.)

4.)  Polyglot’s Guide to the Universe

– This blog is my curious and wondering blog. I speak seven languages, and have been exposed to a great number of world cultures throughout my life, starting from my childhood. I think I look at the world differently because of it.

– I spend a ton of time on multiculturalism and acceptance of people with different points of view and backgrounds on this blog.

5.)  This blog

– This blog will remain the same. I’ll still have all the writing helps, tips, and tricks.

– I’ll still have all of the #AdPit and #KidPit information here. If this interests you, you may want to note that the next #AdPit and #KidPit joint pitchfest will take place on April 5, 2017. I’ll be changing things up a bit this round to try and help your completed manuscripts gain as much exposure as possible. That being said, the new rules will be up sometime in early February, as I’m still finalizing the details.

I hope that by spreading my wings you’ll decide to stay with me. I just like to think that I have a voice, and can possibly help the planet with it.

Thanks for reading,

~ Heidi


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