Wizard Russian Lesson Two

Lesson Two


Today, we’re going to work on improving our vocabulary in Russian. Since everyone is familiar with apartments, let’s learn some of the words that go along with an apartment. Also, as you learn these new words it may be beneficial to you to put notes up around in your own home to remind you of these Russian words. As research has shown, submersion in another language is really the best way to learn it. We are also going to learn our numbers zero – ten. Shall we get started…


КВАРТИРА  {kvarTIRA}                     —>                             An Apartment


Дверь {DVYER}                                   —>                             Door

Коридор {kariDOR}                             —>                             Hallway/Corridor

Кухня {KUKHnya}                               —>                             Kitchen

Холодильник {khalaDILnik}                —>                             Fridge

Духовка {duKHOFka}                         —>                             Oven

Плита {pliTA}                                       —>                             Cook stove

Кофейник {kaFYEnik}                         —>                            Coffee pot


Ванная {VAnaya}                               —>                            Bathroom

Ванна {VAna}                                      —>                            Bathtub

Душ {DOOsh}                                      —>                             Shower

Раковина {RAkavina}                       —>                              Sink

Туалет {tooalYET}                            —>                               Toilet

Зеркало {ZERkala}                           —>                              Mirror

Полотенце {palatYENtsye}              —>                              Towel


Гостиная {gaSTInaya}                    —>                              Living Room

Диван {diVAN}                                  —>                              Couch or Sofa

Диван Кровать {diVAN kraVAT}   —>                               Sofa Bed

Стол {STOL}                                        —>                             Table

Стул {STUL}                                         —>                             Chair

Телевизор {talaVEEzor}                    —>                              Television

Окно {akNO}                                        —>                              Window


Спальня {SPALnya}                         —>                              Bedroom

Шкаф {SHKAF}                                   —>                              Closet

Кровать {kraVAT}                              —>                               Bed

Подушка {paDOOshka}                     —>                               Pillow

Лампа {LAMpa}                                   —>                               Lamp

Before we go; let’s learn to count to ten …


     0.)      Нуль           {NOOL}

  1.     Один          {aDIN}
  2.     Два            {DVA}
  3.      Три            {TREE}
  4.      Четыре    {cheeTYRye}
  5.      Пять         {PYAT}
  6.      Шесть       {SHEST}
  7.       Семь       {SYEM}
  8.       Восемь   {VOsim}
  9.       Девять    {DYEvit}
  10.       Десять    {DYEsit}


That’s it! Congratulations! Now you can name some things in your home and do Sudoku in Russian, plus two extra numbers. 😉 But, really – count to ten in Russian the next time you’re angry, instead of in English. The more often you use these words; the quicker they will stick in your brain. Pick up a home interior catalog and point out and name the things you just learned in Russian. Practice writing the Russian words next to the English in the catalog. Make yourself some flashcards with your new words and flip through them while you’re waiting on that meeting at work to begin. There are so many ways you can integrate your new vocabulary words in your everyday life, be creative, be consistent, and practice, practice, practice…
Next time, we’re going to learn some meet and greet dialogue so you can surprise your friends and co-workers… See you then!


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