A Journey for a Monday

This morning I awoke to the horrific news of an explosion on a subway in St. Petersburg, Russia. As I last read, at least nine people have died because of it.

So, I opened my Twitter app to see if I could find any first hand accounts on what I was sure would be a trending topic. It was, but what I found horrified me.

Normally, I try to avoid politics on social media. Yes, I actually majored in International Relations in college, but social media and politics is an explosion waiting to happen in its own right. So, I avoid them – but today, I just couldn’t.

Yes, I’m all to aware of all the Russophobic sentiments whirling around the globe today via media outlets of all fashion. I however, am not (and in no way will ever be) Russophobic. To judge someone by their nationality is just as wrong as judging them based on sexual orientation, religion, race, creed, disability, gender and etc…

But what I saw in the timeline for St. Petersburg this morning was the opposite of that. While there were those that expressed their sorrow and support for those affected by the blast – there were others that chose to politicize it. Their tweets ranged from (no, these aren’t direct quotes, and I will not be calling out names) cheering the explosion to taking political stabs at Russia because they are well, Russia.

This is not okay.

I’m not here to tell you what to believe. If you want to be steadfastly opposed to Russia that is up to you. I will say this though for those that make the choice to politically dig at someone else during a tragedy are monsters. You can hate Russia, but before you decide to take a turn with them remember this – your cruel words will not help heal the injured. Your cruel words now won’t bring back the dead to their loved ones.

Those people are no more responsible for their government’s actions than American’s are for Trump’s (or Obama’s or Clinton’s or Bush’s) actions. Those people have families too. Every, single person that died or was injured in the St. Petersburg’s blast was a mother, sister, brother, husband, father, wife, cousin, uncle, aunt, or even just a friend to someone. Every single one of those people hurt or killed today have loved ones crying now.  By hurling cruelness toward them, you are proverbially rubbing salt in their wounds – and think. How would you feel if it was here and your sister or brother was on that train? Would you want some cruel entity on the other side of the planet jeering at you?

It’s time to start putting people before politics. A human life is a human life – period.

However, having been so affronted by the monstrosity of some man-kind today – I’ve made a decision to start a new journey. You see, I’m a deep thinker. I take nothing at face value, and always look deeper into a situation than just glazing the surface. Sometimes I think this is a curse, but I’m beginning to realize that having the ability to  see below the surface, to be able to shred and discard the top layer of things, is a gift. It’s a gift to be able to find the heart of a matter, problem, issue, etc… And sadly, it’s a gift that fewer and fewer people have now.

As a researcher, I also have made a hobby out of delving deeper and deeper into media stories, religions, politics, and everything else I question. As a essayist, I often write down my research, comparative theories, and thoughts in a notebook. I have to, or my head would pop. All of my research and all of my deep thinking are all crammed into a handwritten compilation of monstrous proportions. Granted sometimes my logic may be skewed from the norm, and this happens frequently, but nonetheless I write. I have never shared any of them with anyone outside my family, but I’m going to change that.

I’m going to start a monthly blog called OUTSIDE THE BOX. If you are easily offended this will probably not be a good blog for you to read. I have torn down some of the most infamous theories and recreated them logically, especially in regards to politics and religion. I’ve shredded mass media stories and their fearmongering too. Though, you should understand, I am neutral in all things. Humankind as a general rule, does not appreciate having their blemishes pointed out to them.

I’m sure you’re wondering how the blast in St. Petersburg correlates to OUTSIDE THE BOX. To be honest and in the simplest of terms, the hate-filled Russophobic responses to the loss and damage of human life was the final straw. I’ve debated for years whether or not I should post my writings on things. I mean I’ve left a Catholic priest of nearly 60 years speechless and questioning how much he actually knew. That’s how intense some of my writings are. Yet today, I decided to open my Pandora’s box of thoughts to the general public.

All the same, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the blast in St. Petersburg’s subway today. May your hearts and bodies heal quickly, and may justice be served to those responsible.

(Though they do not yet know what caused the blast according to Russian President Vladimir Putin they are looking into all possible causes, including terrorism.)


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