Chance to Win a Query Critique …

From yours truly.

That’s what this blog post is about. Yep. You see I promised one to those that played for #AdPit and #KidPit back on April 6th. That doesn’t mean that the participants from those pitchfests are the only ones that can join in the fun now though. So, if you need/want a pair of fresh eyes on a query that’s been bothering you, read on.

How many query critiques are up for grabs: 3.

When are we doing it: Right now, this week.

Who can win: Anyone.

Here are all the fun details for you:

Starting today and lasting through next Monday (April 24, 2017), I will be accepting submissions from everyone who would like a query critique.

Here’s what you have to do to be eligible, I’m posting a prompt at the end of this post. To enter, all you have to do is write a 250 word story that follows the posted scenario/prompt into the comments section of this post.

*In an effort to slice spam out of the comments section, I will be leaving the filter on where I have to approve all comments – but no worries, if you’re posting an entry it will be approved to be posted.

Here are a few rules to make sure you follow, or your entry will be rejected.

1.) You are allowed to write your 250 word story in ANY GENRE and for ANY AGE.

2.) Your entry MUST BE 250 words or less. (Yes, I’ll count.) Each entry must be a complete story. That means that it MUST HAVE a beginning, a middle, and an end.

3.) If you participated in either #AdPit or #KidPit, let me know in your entry and you’ll go into a different group.

4.) Your entry should be posted as such:

– Your name or pen name

– Add it here if you participated #AdPit or #KidPit on April 6th

– Your story’s genre and targeted audience age

– The 250 word or less story

5.) Each person is allowed ONLY ONE ENTRY EACH.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in me tossing your entry out of consideration.

In an effort to save time, you will not be notified if your entry is rejected from consideration. If you have any problems posting or have questions, please contact me on TWITTER. There are only five rules. I’m not asking too much, I promise. Just double check your entry before adding it to the comments section.

Depending on how many entries I get, it may take me up to ONE WEEK from the last day (April 24th) to post the winners. So, winners will be posted by May 1st. In the winners post, I will have further information on where you can email me your query for your critique.

I will pick three overall to win a critique. One from those that participated in #KidPit. One from those that participated in #AdPit. And, one from everyone else. I will pick the winners from my favorite entries. Yes. I will personally read them all.

Remember I want to see full flash stories. Why? Because writing flash fiction allows you to learn to focus your writing. It helps teach you how to cut clutter and slice out unnecessary words. Yes, I do care about grammar, but don’t worry if you have a comma or hyphen out of place. I’m not a monster. I just want to see the best you can come up with following the prompt.

As for the critique, I will critique whichever query the winners want to send me. No. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the prompt for the contest. If you’re getting ready to start querying agents or editors, send me that query. Or, send me the query to whatever your current work-in-progress is.

So, without further ado….

The prompt for your 250 word story —-


Two characters are arguing as they navigate a twisty road when suddenly an animal leaps out in the road in front of them.





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