What About Me?

Wow! Who knew a three-word question could be so difficult to answer?

I guess I should start with the basics… yeah?

Ok, I’m about to celebrate my 37th birthday (or as I tell my kids I’m 29 with almost with 8 years experience). In fact, my birthday is three days before my book releases. Talk about an exciting birthday gift!

I’m a divorced mom of two (ages 18 and 16), and we live in the middle of ‘little-where’ Tennessee. We’re just outside one of the bigger micropolises in Tennessee. We have more shops and stuff than smaller places, but nowhere near the amount places like Nashville has. After all we do have a university, so that in itself makes us a bigger place than some. Thing is, I grew up on a farm and still live on that same farm today. Though things have changed a lot around here. My father died when I was 15, and then when I was 20 my grandfather died thus my aunt and uncle decided to sell their parts of the farm, but we still have my father’s little patch of heaven. We also have a full orchard with all sorts of yummy fruit growing, and we continue to grow and expand it.

Now, I’ll dig a little deeper:

What people may not know about me. Well firstly, I’m disabled. I was diagnosed with a spinal deformity disease called scoliosis when I was 13. When I was 14, I had one surgery that put one rod and four screws in my spine. Then they broke my bottom left rib in half, cut it into tiny pieces and wedged them between my vertebrae in an effort to halt anymore shifting from my spine. It worked for several years, but five years ago, I had to endure it all yet again. This time it left me with a total of three rods and fourteen screws that encase my spine from mid-back to my pelvis. I’ve had to learn how to walk again after both surgeries (imagine. When I had the first surgery, I had to use a walker like a 14 year old grandmother. At least for the second surgery I was a 32 year old grandmother.) I’ve also lost my normal spinal range of motion (ROM) and can no longer lift over 20 pounds of weight maximum. I can’t walk, stand, or sit either for long periods. I can last 2 hours sitting and that’s it. Standing is hovering around thirty minutes, and walking to about an hour at a easy pace. I spend copious amounts of time shifting between sitting, standing, and walking. Twisting, turning, stooping and bending you can forget. I can squat though for extremely short periods, like three minutes or so. But hey! I’m a whole load of fun to take through security with metal detectors. My spine is still twisting and moving though, so I’m looking at possibly still more surgeries and in the extreme, life in a wheelchair. Unless there is some major breakthrough in medical science for those scoliosis patients like me. Most scoliosis patients, have their one surgery and they’re done. Me, I have my back brace at the ready, and my walker too in case I need them.

I also suffer from lupus and severe arthritis in my spine, but I suppose that nothing is ever absolute. I’m just living life as fully as I can, while I can. Presently, I am able to live mostly normally. Though I do have good days, and some really bad days.

More about I read what I write, mostly historical, contemporary, literary fiction, cozies, and romances with varying subgenres, I’m turned off by so-called corset-rippers or stories that are solely sex for sex’s sake or stories where sex is weaponized. As a demisexual, I need my romance stories to resemble MY life. Stories that are all first date sex, or ‘OMG we just met so let’s rip our clothes off and bring out the whips and chains’ stories just aren’t my thing at all. I’m not a prude, though most of the time demisexuals are called that by those that do not understand us.

On that note, I am happy to be a sensitivity reader for those wanting to write characters that fall in my wheelhouse.

Currently, I’m writing a contemporary romance, revising another contemporary romance, and working on an essay titled, ‘Parallelisms in Religions,’ a short story, and a scattering of poetry and flash fiction.

Hobbies: This is easier.

Reading, art, crafts, music, the great outdoors, animals, languages (I speak a few. Most notably, English, Russian, German, Dutch and Spanish but also others.), politics (Especially foreign policy, as I majored in international relations and foreign language in college), and photography. I enjoy DIY projects around the house too.

Random facts:

I change my hairstyle frequently. I go from waist length tresses to extra short, edgy pixie cuts and anything inbetween. If you know me for a couple of years, then you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I also believe and support in fair treatment for everyone.

This means, but is in no way exclusive, (yes, this is going to be political, but hey! Remember I majored in that in college.) I support the LGBTQ+ community, equal religious rights (but I do not feel that Islamic Sharia Law has any place in the USA, since it is, by definition, religious law and the US Constitution states clearly that there should be a separation of church and state.), and I abhor Russophobia (Why? Because hating someone based on their nationality is just as horrible as hating them based on religion, sexual orientation, gender, race, creed, or anything else).

Again, this list in no way encompasses all of my positions.


This post is one of a series that I’ll be posting in the lead up to the release of my novel, RUNAWAY SAGE. RUNAWAY SAGE will be available May 18th, 2017. If you like Ancient Rome, romance, adventure, and exciting plot twists entwined with humor, remember that title because it just might be the perfect novel for you.

Also, over the next seventeen days, I’ll be posting short insights, and teasers about RUNAWAY SAGE on my twitter account using the #RS.


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