Saying Goodbye To #AdPit & #KidPit

You may have heard that November 7th is bringing about #AdPit & #KidPit again. What you don’t know is that it will be the final one for both of them.

It’s a bittersweet day for me, but they’ve had a good run. They’ve helped many writers find homes for their work with small presses, or literary agents to get them started on their amazing writerly success. They’ve helped connect writers to other writers and even made some friends along the way. Hosting these two contests has been a very rewarding experience for me, and when I looked back at how long I’d been doing it I was shocked.

The first #AdPit blog announcement was over five years ago; September 24th, 2013 to be exact. #KidPit wasn’t added until later; still, the first ever #KidPit was May 4th, 2015. #AdPit was the flagship contest that I created way back when there wasn’t but maybe four other contests. I know #Pitmad and #PitchMAS existed then but I’m unsure of when some of the other pitch contests began. So it’s hard for me to say goodbye to #AdPit & #KidPit.

So why am I? Because, well, Life.

I’ve run both of these contests mostly alone since their conception. I’ve had assistants come and go, but with the exception of Athena Greyson, who has assisted me valiantly the last couple of years, they haven’t stuck around. So, it’s been mostly me. I’m not complaining – please don’t think that. I just no longer have the time that is required to organize, run and host them.

My own writing career is evolving. I have one novel on a revision draft with my literary agent, a whole passel of short stories, one screenplay in drafting, and another screenplay in the revision stage before I can shop it around for a literary manager. As a music producer, I’m also preparing to drop a music album of my own work in the near future. I also have family duties and sometime I’d like to take a long overdue vacation.  🙂

So, if you have been sitting on the fence about participating in #AdPit and/or #KidPit next week, consider this; you’ll be able to take part in the final pitchfests of my creation before the sun sets on them both. There are plenty of other pitch contests on Twitter, and a whole lot of people keep running tabs on them on their personal blogs. You’ll find a new one or a dozen to participate in after my two are shuttered.

Good luck to those that are participating! I hope that hearts rain down on your pitches next Wednesday. Thank you to those faithful enough to stand by and with me throughout the years of making writing magic happen!

In case you need them, here are links to the rules for the final pitchfests next week:



Onward toward the next adventure of Life…


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6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To #AdPit & #KidPit

  1. I’ve always liked how your contest allowed graphics while others don’t, so I’ll miss it. However you are right when you say there are plenty of other pitch contests — so many that agents have trouble keeping up with them. Thank you for your hard work over the past five years!

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