Author. Musician. Lingua-nerd. Word Nerd.

I’m multilingual so I often take jobs as a language tutor and/or in translation work. Curious about which languages? I speak, read, write at varying levels of proficiency in German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Spanish. My native tongue is English, and a bit of trivia for you – I started studying German and Italian simultaneously when I was eight-years-old.

Music is the heartbeat of my life and I am a pianist. I’m also known as Dj Zen, the music mixer that’ll take chances with my pieces. Never ask me what my favorite song or genre of music is, or you’ll be listening to me rattle on about all things music for hours. Yes, I have a SoundCloud Creator account, but just barely. Feel free to look me up and give a listen as I build my music profile over there. — here’s the link:  SoundCloud.

If I could pick my top six favorite types of stores to go into I’d pick; bookstores, music stores, office supply stores, movie stores, hardware stores, outdoors/gardening stores, pet stores, and craft stores.

Of course, those would all be my top picks as well. I guess those stores in my list sum me up in as simplest terms as possible. My hobbies and all just neatly wrapped up in a list for you.

I also love travel and taking long drives off the beaten paths. If I ever go missing and I can’t be found at any of the above locations, look for the nearest lake, river, stream, or waterway and you’ll probably find me.

Fast fact: Sometimes I act too. Mostly for the stage, but I was on Grey’s Anatomy before.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


9 thoughts on “About

    1. 4.4.18 is the first one for 2018. There will be one in July and November as well. I’m currently finalizing those dates with my assistant. If you’re ever in a pinch the date of the next upcoming event can always be found in my Twitter bio. Thanks for asking!

  1. Hi Heidi, thanks for hosting #AdPit! I’ve looked all over for a list of genre tags for #AdPit but have not found one – do you have a link you can send me? Just want to make sure I’m correctly tagging come Wednesday. Thanks, Allison

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