The next scheduled #AdPit is Nov.7.18.

Pitch your ADULT and NEW ADULT COMPLETED novel, nonfiction book to patrolling LITERARY AGENTS and EDITORS. 

WHEN: Starting at NINE (9:00) in the morning through THREE (3:00) in the afternoon CENTRAL TIME (we’re one hour behind New York, or if you need to schedule it, I’m in the same time zone as CHICAGO.)

WHAT: You may have SIX pitches over the course of the six-hour pitch time. Yes, you may use the same one, but I suggest that you mix it up. Your manuscript must be completed and ready to submit on the day of the pitchfest, or your nonfiction book proposal must be completed and ready to submit.


You can add a media pitch of up to 45 words to your six pitches! This media pitch is separate from the six normal tweet length pitches you are so accustomed to, which means if you chose to add a media pitch – then you get eight pitches. Why eight? Because I’m allowing two media pitches per manuscript. Add one in the morning and add another in the afternoon.

What you should include in your media pitch?

Your pitch of up to 45 words AND the title of your manuscript as well as the age range and genre. If it’s nonfiction and this is not abundantly clear from the pitch you may wish to add that it is a work of nonfiction.

Here’s a sample from my Adult Horror manuscript… (I made this using Canva)



Now, that my announcement is out of the way… back to the regularly scheduled pitch rules and such….

(HINT: Twitter will not allow multiple identical pitches, so make sure that you alter each one at least a little bit – especially if you are planning on scheduling your tweets via Hootsuite or other similar programs.)

              What is a pitch?

PITCH: A 280 character tweet describing your book or novel. Also include either an #A for adult or a #NA for new adult. Then tag it with the genre. Finally add #AdPit so it will show up in the feed.


Twenty-something Beecher has raised her son, Scout alone but now that her violent ex-husband is getting out of prison – she has no alternative but to kidnap and run with Scout to avoid her ex’s death threat.

Comp title + Comp title

#AdPit #A #LF #WF

(This pitch example is from my literary fiction titled: CRACKS IN THE GLASS HOUSE.)

SCHEDULE: While you are only permitted to pitch for six hours, the industry professionals are allowed to be on throughout the day, overnight, and for however long they want to be there. That being said, it is possible that you’ll get ‘FAVORITES’ anytime during the day, or even possibly overnight or a couple of days later, or none at all. Please remember that pitchfests are solely ONE way to entice agents or editors. You may always query directly following the submission guidelines.

*NOTE: This event is open invitation. That being said I take no responsibility for the legitimacy of your pitches, or the participating industry pros attending. It is solely YOUR responsibility to RESEARCH ANY favorites you receive on this day. And, I trust that WRITERS, you will follow the pitch rules.

I will be patrolling the day of, so if you have questions feel free to contact me either by @ or DM on Twitter. My twitter handle is @heidi_norrod. You may also contact me at any time regarding #AdPit.