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… update –

There is a new writing contest coming up for writers of all age groups – it isn’t mine. A couple of friends of mine get the credit for it’s founding and creation, however, I have agreed to be a team leader for one of the picture book and chapter book teams. Contest begins in March (70 days from today as a matter of fact) and I will be posting information about #FicFest (that’s its name) here on this blog as well.

But stress not! This blog will still be the home of #AdPit and #KidPit information as well. Conversationally, both #AdPit and #KidPit will come strolling around on April Fool’s Day – no JOKE! I’m serious. Both will have their twitter pitch parties on April 1, 2016, simultaneously.

While it isn’t exactly my preference to host them at the same time, because of the sheer number of twitter pitch events anymore – it has become necessary, as I do not want to cut either of them out. I enjoy hosting these two parties and watching connections between great writers and books to awesome agents and editors as they put remarkable books in the hands of anxious and excited readers.

However, as more details are made final; I will post more information. For now, get to finishing those gems of books in your brains. We want to see you pitch on April Fool’s Day!


Introducing #KidPit!

Hi, writers! I would like to introduce you all to #AdPit (Adult Pitch)’s little sister event, #KidPit (Kid Pitch).

I’ll just get straight down to it.

Kid Pitch or as it will be known on Twitter #KidPit is a twitter pitch party, just like #AdPit except this time NO ADULT audience manuscripts will be allowed. That’s right! This event is just for you wonderful writers of manuscripts for children. It’s the same thing pretty much, and as long as your manuscript follows the rules below, I hope you’ll come join us. As always, I’m answering any questions you may have, so just leave me a comment below, or feel free to mention it to me on twitter.




  1. #KidPIt is for COMPLETE AND POLISHED MANUSCRIPTS ONLY. (if you aren’t ready to send it out to an agent or an editor by the date of the contest, it is NOT eligible – please do NOT pitch it.)
  2. As it’s name suggests, #KidPit is for manuscripts whose target audience is KIDS.
    1. Within your tweet pitch, you should tag it either #BB (Board Book), #PB (Picture Book), #ER (Early Reader), #CB (Chapter Book), #MG (Middle Grade), and/or #YA (Young Adult).
    2. Also, include genre if it is not completely obvious from the tweet pitch. Such as #SFF (Sci-fi/Fantasy), #ROM (Romance), #FTR (Fairy tale retelling), #MYS (Mystery), #TT (Time Travel) and so on.
  3. Mark your calendars. #KidPit will an all day long event on May 27th, 2015. It will start at 8:00 a.m. EST (New York time) and go through 8:00 p.m. EST.
  4. A “tweet pitch” constitutes one tweet is one pitch. So that gives you 140 characters to pitch your manuscript in, plus the hashtag #KidPit and age and genre if you can fit it all. See sample tweet pitch below.
    1. Sample tweet pitch – Found-1 weird charm that lands 12yo Chance in deep trouble in Ancient Egypt fighting aliens from across the expanse of time. #KidPit #MG #TT
    2. Please ONLY pitch TWICE an hour at the most. The timeline moves quickly, so to allow everyone’s pitches equal chances at getting seen by participating agents and editors.
  5. ANY and EVERY GENRE is welcome. If you’ve written it for kids, then it’s eligible.
  6. DO NOT star or ‘favorite’ any tweet pitches that day UNLESS you are an agent or an editor. Leaving the ‘favoriting’ to the industry professionals.
  7. As this is an OPEN INVITATION twitter pitch party, I will not have a list of participating agents and editors. I do know that some are coming, and as word spreads on the day of the contest, more and more will join us.

That’s it! I do hope you’ll join me for Kid Pitch (#KidPit) on May 27th, 2015 from 8:00 to 8:00 EST. If you have any questions feel free to ask below in the comments or look me up on Twitter @hrnorrod

It’s Coming! Adult Pitch – 5 Feb. 2014 (#AdPit)


That’s right – it’s time for #AdPit! An open Twitter pitch party for writers of adult works. Again like last time only adult complete and polished manuscripts should be pitched.

DATE: 5 Feb. 2014

TIME: 8.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. EST (New York Time)

What is Adult Pitch (or#AdPit)?

It is a twitter pitch contest open for all authors of Adult or New Adult fiction and nonfiction. –Sorry but no picture books through young adult will be accepted.

If you’ve ever done #pitmad or #pitchmas and the like, then this is the same thing. In the vein of #pitchsqueak (which is for picture books), #AdPit is for adult works.

New to twitter pitches? Then you are probably asking what the heck is a pitch –
A twitter pitch constitutes one (1) 140 character tweet on twitter, plus the hashtag #AdPit. If possible and it isn’t clear from the pitch, then add the genre.

An Example – Under the explosive Vesuvius, convicted murderess Tamar must decide who to trust before the Roman Army catches up to her. #AdPit HistFic


~    Only pitch completed and edited manuscripts. If you aren’t ready to send out the whole manuscript right now, then you aren’t ready to pitch it.

~    Only pitch once an hour. This helps ease the congestion on the #hashtag the day of #AdPit.

~    If you are pitching more than one manuscript, stagger it out over the hour. Please don’t dump six different pitches at the top of every hour.

~    Remember to leave the favoriting to the participating agents and editors. If you like someone else’s pitch please either retweet it or @ the author directly.

~    If you receive a favorite from an agent or editor, scroll back through the feed and see what they want to have submitted, or simply follow the submission guidelines on their websites.

There will not be a list of participating agents and editors as it is an open party, which means all are invited. Rest assured there will be several lurking and they’ll be perusing the hashtag throughout the day. I’ll try to announce them as they show up on the feed.

If you have questions, I’ll be checking comments.