Translation Services

Do you need help turning your Russian into English?

Maybe you need help converting your English into Russian?

Then, I’m your girl!

I am able to take on most general projects, but I’m not the right translator for you if it’s medical or technology based.


For Businesses:  $2.31/ target word or $1.21/ target line

Literary:  $8,000/project (novels)  or $0.08/target word

Non-fiction:  $0.12/target word

If you don’t know where you’re at in the above classifications, ask me and we’ll discuss what your project needs. I don’t bite, and neither will you be under any obligation.

I’m working on some samples to post for you to review my work, as I no longer offer free trial or sample translations. I’m sorry, but too many people use those as a means to get me to work for free. This is unfair to me and also to translators across the globe.