Translation Services

Do you need help turning your Russian into English?

Maybe you need help converting your English into Russian?

Then, I’m your girl!

I am able to take on most general projects, but I’m not the right translator for you if it’s medical or technology based.


For Businesses:  $2.31/ target word or $1.21/ target line

Literary:  $8,000/project (novels)  or $0.08/target word

Non-fiction:  $0.12/target word

If you don’t know where you’re at in the above classifications, ask me and we’ll discuss what your project needs. I don’t bite, and neither will you be under any obligation.

A sample is posted below for you to review my work, as I no longer offer a free trial or sample translations. I’m sorry, but too many people use those as a means to get me to work for free. This is unfair to me and also to translators across the globe.

Sample of tourism/travel/real estate translation  

Original language: Русский


Сдам 1-комнатную квартиру, ул.Конституции(угол Парковой), 7 мин. до моря и парка Ривьера.

Этаж 3/5, жилая лоджия, мебель, бытовая техника, ТВ, кондиционер, стир.машина. Размещение до 4 человек.

Стоимость июнь 2500р., июль 3000р., август 3000р., сентябрь 2800р., межсезонье от 1500р.

Target language:  American English


A one-room apartment is available, on Konstitutsii Street (and the corner of Parkovoy), just 7 minutes to the sea and the Riveria.

Located on the third floor of five. This lodging is furnished and includes appliances, T.V., air conditioning, and a washing machine. It will accommodate up to 4 people. Fees – June 2500p., July 3000p., August 3000p., September 2800p., and the offseason from 1500p.

(Translator’s note: p. stands for rubles.)